• Spencer Norris

Passion for Sunshine

I'm really starting to appreciate the value of a well-targeted Sunshine request. Right now I have somewhere on the order of 10 - 15 separate records requests out to different police departments across the state tracking down gun data, missing persons, private communications - the whole shabang.

I'll be the first to admit that handling records requests can be dry, but it has some serious risk of combustion if you do it right, which is exciting. The entire point of the hallowed records request is to ferret out otherwise inaccessible info. It's not exactly on-scene coverage, but it has its thrills for sure.

I'm also getting better at figuring out who to talk to about those records. Turns out that the bureaucrats behind the PIOs have a lot to talk about and are generally willing to share. Bless public servants.

Back to it, more records to inundate the system with.


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