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Journalism about Journalism

Enjoy your turkey, I'll be doing my job.

That came out snarkier than I thought it would. But, alas. I'm spending most of the break journalizing, mostly focusing on final projects, plus volunteering at the newsroom for a couple days and wrapping up some hours I owe to IRE. I promise I'm actually enjoying it.

Today I had the opportunity to interview Brian Freskos, a reporter with the Trace, a non-profit newsroom focusing on gun violence. Tomorrow, it's Lynn Walsh, former national president of the Society of Professional Journalists. I have feelers out with some other experts on gun violence and ethics and am piecing together some reporting guides related to each. Exciting times!

It's strange to do reporting about reporting, but it's also an opportunity to grow as a journalist. You can't really ask for much more than access to professionals you respect and would like to emulate.

I'm also hoping I can glean something that I can carry into my reporting as well. I feel like my work has been a bit stale/unimaginative, so hopefully this will be the sort of shock I'm looking for.

Anyways back to writing up questions. I got a hold of Lynn just an hour ago, and our interview is at 1 tomorrow. Well, off we go.

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