• Spencer Norris

Bad Lede Blues

This blog post is brought to you in the style of the Mississippi Delta Blues, with accompanying I-IV-V chord changes and a swung 4/4 rhythm.

Got the bad lede blues

Yeah, got them bad lede blues

My writing's in the gutter

Gotta figure out what to do

Yeah, it's a bad lede

Yeah I tell ya it's a bad lede

Yeah, gotta go fix it

Or our audience won't want to read

Yeah baby, there's no nut graf

Yeah, I tell you, I forgot my nut graf

And it's a pretty bad gaffe

But I tell ya, you just gotta laugh

What can I say?

Don't mean to be crude

But they say stay away from that down-n'-out dude

Yeah, I hear he's contagious

And he's got a case of them bad lede blues

Maybe I ought not to worry

Just focus on writing better stories

But I know it in my core

I know my writing can be a little more

So I'll just chase these bad lede blues away

Get back on the beat another day

More to write and less to say

Yeah I tell you, it's just that way

Well, that's the end of that sonic nightmare. Back to the beat.

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