• Spencer Norris

A deadline is set

I'm working on a missing persons story right now, trying to figure out where the hell everyone is going. To be honest, I still don't really know. I'm afraid that no one really does.

Well, now I have 12 days to crack this case. The deadline has been set for my piece, so there's no time left to screw around. Time to buckle down and get this done.

Tomorrow is going to be a phone marathon, calling police departments to wheedle out any useful statistics I can use to put this story together.

Just kidding, wrote that sentence yesterday, wound up taking a quick-hit story today. Phone marathon was abruptly canceled.

Not that it matters. I'm realizing that the time constraints mean that getting all the data in time for a week-and-a-half from today just isn't going to happen. Whatever. I can make something work if I just dig in with Columbia-specific numbers. I'm also meeting with a source on Saturday to discuss a human trafficking angle on the story.

First draft due Wednesday. Strap in.

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