• Spencer Norris

A Centerpiece!

This past week, I locked down my first centerpiece. I wasn't expecting a quick GA ribbon-cutting assignment to turn out that way, but, hey, miracles happen?

While we were at the event, we met Bukuru, an immigrant from Zimbabwe. We approached her, and she agreed to show us her apartment in the company of one of her former case managers. Her case manager mediated the conversation between us, helping us understand what Bukuru wanted to say and what her circumstances were.

This was an unexpected complication, but the result was totally worth it. I think we were able to turn a dry story about public housing into something worthwhile about how it can protect vulnerable populations. Trying to roll in information about public housing programs was challenging because it amounts of a labyrinth of funding solutions and vouchers and etc. - stuff I have zero familiarity with - but good things never come easy.

I'm proud. Time to do more good work.

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